It's time to make ours a government for the PEOPLE!

I am the pro-life candidate in this race. I will vote in favor of and introduce measures which protect life from conception to natural death. Since 1974 there have been over 634,000 abortions in Minnesota. This is extremely heartbreaking for me as father of 3. These people should have had a chance at life. Abortion must end in Minnesota! We need to help those who are struggling and/or considering abortion. We should be supporting Crisis Pregnancy Centers for struggling mothers so they have the help they need to raise their family or the support and help they need if they choose to give their child up for adoption. Being for life to me means truly being FOR LIFE, from protecting the unborn, to helping the disabled, to taking care of our senior citizens. I also feel that in no case is euthanasia or assisted suicide acceptable. 

Second Amendment

I support the right of every law abiding citizen to keep and bear arms. I view this as a right and not a privilege. The government must not infringe upon this right. I will work to uphold this right and our freedoms!

Jobs and Economy
Lowering taxes across the board will strengthen and grow our economy. President Trump understands this and is working to make America great again. Taxes are too high, especially for our businesses. Minnesota is ranked 46th in business tax climate. This is driving businesses out and to other states. It is making them less competitive and ruining Minnesota's economy, we're losing jobs! We must make Minnesota more business friendly, and one way is to lower taxes.


I support reforming our tax code and letting people keep more of the money that they have earned. Minnesota is #8 for what we pay in taxes overall. We even tax social security! We taxed people they earned the money, and now we tax them again when they retire and get their social security! This is not right and harms our many seniors who want to retire and stay in our beautiful area! We need to cut wasteful spending and lower taxes for the people of Minnesota.


Healthcare needs to be run in the private market. Competition drives down costs for patients and drives up the quality of care. A government run single-payer system is not the answer. It would be a disaster for patients and their rights. I believe other countries and Obamacare have more than proven this. 


I support iron and copper-nickel mining. I believe it can be done safely without polluting our water and will bring many needed jobs to our area.


I have worked in the logging industry many years. I fully support this industry and plan to work hard to support our loggers in many ways but especially by helping the timber market. I am also endorsed by the ACLT.

I will stand for:

  • Life - from Conception to Natural Death
  • Our Second Amendment Rights
  • Elimination of Corruption in Government
  • Lower Taxes
  • Job Growth and a healthier Economy
  • Support of Small Businesses
  • Ending the Taxation of Social Security Benefits
  • Upholding Our Constitution
  • Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency in Politics