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 Lowering Healthcare Costs 

through a truly competetive free-market system. Competition drives down costs and drives up the quality of care. We don't want the disaster that a single payer system would be.  You don't have choice when you have the government in charge of your healthcare, not to mention the cost of $17 billion extra per year for Minnesota which comes out to a $3,000 for every man, woman and child tax increase.  No thank you! We can lower healthcare costs  by making a truly competitive free-market system.

 Protecting our Freedoms!

 Our Second Amendment right is our Constitutional Right and I will work to protect it and our other freedoms that are slowly getting erroded away.

I will also work to protect the right to life for the unborn.  Life is important,  ALL life.  

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 Thank you for taking the time to get to know the candidates seeking to represent you!

 I'm Randy Goutermont, running to represent the people of Northern Minnesota in House District 3A.
I live in Silver Bay, with my wonderful wife of 9 years, Chasya, and we have 3 amazing children - Tait, Mercia, and Kerusso.

I am a Logger by trade but I also spent seven years at a multi-million dollar whole foods company that I managed for several years before returning to the logging industry. Working as a logger and coming from a family of miners, I understand the mining and forestry industries. My experience managing a multi-million dollar company gave me invaluable knowledge on how business works, how government affects almost every area of business, and how we can bring more businesses and jobs to Northern Minnesota.

I am running because I see the struggles we have here and want to bring change. I'm running for the future of our kids and our state.

We desperately need better paying jobs up north!
I am the pro-business, pro-jobs candidate in my race. Minnesota needs to be a welcoming place for businesses and families. I stand for lower taxes and less government overreach. Lowering taxes creates a healthier economy and spurs job growth.

Trump is helping our businesses, especially our mining and logging industries in Minnesota, and we need a Minnesota legislature that will also support good paying jobs up here in the Northland!

I see healthcare costs rising and how much that hurts families. Where families can't afford the care they need. That's why I support a free market, competitive healthcare system. Competition drives down cost and drives up quality of care. People need more choices and better care. Trust me, you don't want a single payer system. It is a complete government takeover of the healthcare system. You don't have a choice when you have the government in charge of your healthcare, not to mention the cost! The estimate is an extra $17 billion per year for Minnesota and comes out to an extra $3,000 tax increase for every man, woman, and child. There's no such thing as a free lunch, somebody IS going to pay, and that will be us taxpayers!

I am also the pro-life candidate in this race. I believe life is precious and as a father of three this especially hits close to home. I will fight to protect all life, from unborn to elderly. I will work to make MN a safe place for all people, even the unborn.

I am also the candidate who will work to uphold our Second Amendment right to keep and bare arms, for all law abiding citizens. I will work to uphold our Constitutional freedoms and I am a firm believer in protecting our Second Amendment rights.

I love this area, I'm proud to call it home! I'm not a politician, I'm a hard working person who wants to bring change. I was born and raised here and I want to see this area be a place where my kids can thrive.

I would be honored to earn your vote this November so I can work to lower taxes, stop the rising cost of healthcare, protect our freedoms, and bring JOBS back to the Northland.

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We need more good paying jobs up here in the Northland. Lowering taxes across the board will strengthen and grow our economy. We must make Minnesota more business friendly and one way is to lower taxes. I also support our logging and mining industries. I have seen how we can use our resources while still protecting the enviroment. I am also endorsed by the ACLT.