I am a lifelong resident of Silver Bay, MN. My dad has worked at Northshore Mining since I was young and also ran a small logging operation on the side while Mom stayed home to raise us eight kids. As a teenager I worked part time for the family logging business and later started working for a online based whole foods company located in Silver Bay where I eventually became manager. 


 Nine years ago I married my wonderful wife, Chasya, who also grew up in the area. We love kids and youth, and led youth group for several years. We have three children: 11 months, 2 years, and 7 years old. Two years ago I decided to go back into the logging industry. Recently, however, with the state of our government, I felt inclined to run and stand up for the people of Minnesota and the values that I love.

 I care deeply about our area and the people who live here. I will work hard to uphold your freedom and common-sense Northern Minnesota values at the Capital!

About Randy